Happy 5th Birthday, Moviegasm!

It’s been a very loooooong time since my last post ya, yeah, I don’t want to make any excuse tapi between work and kuliah dan main, waktu untuk mengunjungi blog ini semakin lama semakin minim dan dipastikan hiatus selama lebih dari 6 bulan di tahun 2014 ini *cried*. But I’m back at Moviegasm’s birthday month *yay!*


I’m still in love with movie, tapi di tahun ini, jujur, frekuensi movietard mengunjungi bioskop memang semakin minim, bahkan menyedihkannya, movietard terpaksa ‘melewatkan’ beberapa film-film summer keren seperti How to Train Your Dragon 2, 22 Jump Streets hingga Edge of Tomorrow, simply, karena memang waktu mengunjungi bioskop tidak bisa serutin tahun-tahun sebelumnya tetapi setidaknya, movietard tetap bisa berpartisipasi dalam Europe on Screen 2014, hingga dibuat menangis oleh The Fault in Our Stars.  As I wrote at Moviegasm’s 4th Birthday’s post, blog moviegasm dimaksudkan oleh movietard sebagai sebuah tempat movietard sebagai seorang moviegoers to express my love for movies by sharing it with others! Moviegasm is a place for that, and I want to keep it that way…. so lovely readers, kalaupun movietard tidak dapat melakukannya secara reguler seperti yang terjadi di tahun ini, I give a chance for you to be part of….. moviegasm’s writer as a part of Moviegasm 5th Birthday’s Bash sehingga blog ini di tahun 2014 nggak sepi-sepi amat ya.

Untuk perayaan ulang tahun kelima ini, movietard kembali menggelar kuis dengan rules berikut:
1. Only for citizen who lived in Indonesia
2. Write a review about one movie, I don’t make any rules/guidance about the writing style, just be you with your own writing style! It could be a review about a movie that you love most of hate most or just bcos it has a personal connection with you
3. And sent your review to my personal e-mail at anggraeni.srihartati@gmail.com. Don’t forget to give personal information (real name and your media social account) before 22th September 2014. The quiz will be closed at 22 th September 2014 at 23.59 pm. An email after that date wouldn’t be considered. And the winners announcement will be published with her/his review at the end of September.

I have two gift for two favorite review. A first winner will get a package consist of 3 DVDs (Another Year, The Sea Inside, Carriers) and 2 books (Ian McKellen -unofficial biography in english-, and the other is To Kill a Mockingbird in Indonesian) just like at the picture below


A second winner will get a package consist of 3 DVDs (The Girl in the Park, Pandorum, Franklyn) and 2 books ( The Hobbit and Bourne Supremacy, both in Indonesia version) just like at the picture below


At the end, I never bored to write this, thank you for reading moviegasm, for blog-exchange, for commenting, for everything! I read through all of them, and really, really appreciate them. It makes me happy knowing that for some moviegoers, moviegasm helped you to love movie more.

lots love, movietard


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