I Got The Liebster and Sunshine Award(s), yay!

Different from my usual movie-review posts, at this post, I will… well, blabbering! Actually, thanks lots to KaramelKinema and MeontheMovie for tagging me to participate at this fun The Liebster and Sunshine Award(s) *ppppssssttt, sebelumnya movietard tengah off untuk liburan* but turned out, I skipped my time-out and tried to write this post because as Karamel Kinema said,  it’s fun to share our passion with the other, so if you have spare time, let’s check it out. I got two tagging for Liebster Award by Karamel Kinema and Me on the Movie, so instead of answering 11 questions, now, I’ll do 22 *pasang ikat kepala*


11 Q’s From Karamel Kinema
01. Tell me your favorite local director and their movie that you’d recommended?
A hard question! Favorite means… at least, I already watched his/her movies more than one, no? I love Mouly Surya’s What They Don’t Talk About when They Talk about Love but it’s still the only one Mouly’s movie that I watched. I love Joko Anwar’s work at Pintu Terlarang but he failed me at the others, so does Hanung Brahmantyo. I love Mo brothers’ work at Rumah Dara but at V/H/S 2 Safe Haven, they separated, and Timo was accompanied by Gareth Evans, damn! Well, I watched two movies was made by Sammaria Simanjuntak, the first one is Cin(t)a and the latest was Demi Ucok, I love her independent spirits and how she brought her personal-experience-touch to the movies. I think I’ll go with her and recommended Demi Ucok.

02. Sequels, yay or nay?
Yay! I’m the one who always have big Q’s like ‘What if…’ I know lots of movies shouldn’t have a sequel but honestly, some of my favorites are usually the installment movies like LOTR, Batman Trilogy and even… The Hangover! To told you the truth, I’m still waiting for Happy Together’s sequel even if I know it’s impossible to happen *cried*

03. Tell me what movie you hate but everybody seemed to love?
The Iron Man installment! Tony Stark is the most annoying, arrogant and self righteous guy I’ve ever saw on screen. Sadly, Downey Jr. didn’t help me to like the movies.

04. Tell me what movie you love but everybody seemed to hate?
Cruel Intentions. A modern-teenage drama flick based on a French novel. People said it’s a trashy movie based on the explicit sexual contents, but it’s one of my guilty pleasures since I love the tragic love-story and plus, it had a great Placebo’s song, every me, every you.

05. How many movies do you usually watch in a month (in cinema, at home, whatever)?
Not much, only 4 to 8 movies in a month. But wait, if there’s a movie festival or if I’m totally in mood for marathon, I could watch 3 to 4 movies in one day *apalagi kalo free screening :p*

06. How many times a month do you usually go to the cinema?
I try to go to cinema twice a week, but if I couldn’t make it, once in a week is okay.

07. Style or substance?
Definitely substance! I always judge a movie by its substance

08. Foreign film, yay or nay?
Absolutely yay!  Beside French movies, I also have a soft spot for Hindi movies.

09. Which one do you prefer, vague cliffhanger or happy ending?
Depend on. If I’m in good mood I’ll prefer for vague cliffhanger so I could –at least- make my brain finally has something to work for, but if I’m in the bad mood, a happy ending will cheer me up.

10. Who’s your favorite villain (or super villain)?
Patrick Bateman! I asked my bff for a gift of… American Psycho‘s uncut dvd region 1, yummy!

11. Who’s your favorite movie pet?
A little Simba! Could I have one, pretty please?

11 Q’s From Me on The Movie
01. Peter Jackson or David Cameron?
David… who? I don’t know the director named David Cameron, but I still remember the moment when I skipped my school-time just for watching LOTR: The Return of the King at the first showtime *keplak diri sendiri*

02. Adapted story or original story?
I’m more into the originals, but… nowadays, the adaptations are enough good too

03. Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence?
I grew up with Princess Diary’s series; I saw Hathaway’s transformation from sweet Disney’s princess to be a wild girl at Havoc. How could I’m not in love with her? She’s the Gordon-Levitt’s girl version.

04. M. Night Shyamalan or Michael Bay?
Shyamalan. Bay is just too le-bay! In other hand, Shyamalan still got his fresh idea even if, well, not as great The Sixth Sense

05. Steve Carrell or Will Ferrell?
Adam Sandler, please?

06. Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude van Damme?
The stereoid guys aren’t my type but after seeing The Expendables, I saw different side of van Damme that he could be such a cute one tho’

07. Family Guy or The Simpsons?
The Simpsons. I love McFarlane’s work, but sometimes, I don’t get his satirical jokes about life when The Simpsons is more understandable.

08. Kim Ki-Duk or Wong Kar-Wai?
Wong Kar-Wai. As Tears Go By, Happy Together, Fallen Angels, In the Mood for Love are just few examples of his masterpiece works, this guy is… magician!

09. Thai Horror or Japanese Horror?
Ewww! I hate horror, just hate it so much and couldn’t stand any ghost-forms in seluloid *cried*

10. Sex scene or gore scene?
How about gore-sex scene? Hahahaha. No, I prefer gore, I love to watch slasher and gore movie rather than watch too many sexual content.

11. Golden Lion or Palme D’Or?
Not quite familiar with Golden Lion, so I’ll go with Palme D’Or since the publication of Cannes is mooooore massive *I know my reason is just too stupid*

11 Random Facts about Myself
01. I couldn’t watch horror movie. I skipped some great horror-movies like Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity’s sequel, Insidious and the latest one, The Conjuring
02. But… I can stand any bloody, slasher and gory movies
03. I love the coming-of-age movies. Fyi, I already passed that phase a loooong time ago. lol
04. I have soft spot for British actors with their cute accent even if sometimes, I don’t understand what they said
05. And so does for actress with red hair, I just think they’re super duper hot!
06. Devon Sawa was my first crush at the big screen, or… I think it’s Casper who I felt in love for
07. I also felt in love with Gregory Peck after watching him at Roman Holiday and after watch a special feature about his personal life, I felt in love more and cried when I knew he’s already passed away at the time I watched it.
08. I hate download! Not because I against piracy, I just don’t like to wait downloading-process and prefer to ask my fellow moviegoers to give me those movie files, special mention for Natanael for becoming such a wonderful fellas 
09. During the hiatus-moment-from-Hollywood-movies at summer 2011, I went to Singapore for watching summer movies *and turned out, sampe sekarang masih nyesek nonton Transformer 3 dengan harga tiket mahal*
10. I like to collect the movie tickets and documented all those tickets on this blog *my weird fetish!*
11. I love to collect novels which were adapted to movies (still not read them yet, hehehe….) 

The Sunshine Award

Sunshine AwardFavorite actor: Edward Norton, I made a profile-post about him, the love of my life!tumblr_l45fqpypwx1qzcapto1_500

Favorite book: Miiko-series! Well it’s Japanese comic actually, but it’s still a book, yes??? *maksa* image_large_5002eca325c37_cover-183Favorite Food: In almost one month, I need to live with salads but my favorite always goes to sop kambing!aviary_1375595411486
Favorite Drink: Milo Dinosaur-Kopitiam Oeyaviary_1375595290055Favorite Dessert: The yummy-ness of red velvet is undeniable aviary_1375595131388
TV Shows: Gossip Girl. 121 eps of airing when we finally knew who’s the gossip girl. Phew! aviary_1375862826543
Cinema: Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, gempa, handphone jatuh, tidur, ketemu arteys, semuanya ya di blitz ini2013-08-09-01-52-46
Animal: I had a cat before, but nowadays, I got soft spot for my bff’s Pomeranian dog
Number: 14
Phone Apps: Flipboardaviary_1375862919453

Yay! I finally did it, now, I have to nominate 11 other blogs to continue these awards. And… I nominated all these greatest blogger to be part of the award(s) because I love their writing, not only great in writing movie-revies but also in other areas too like Tukang Review, Aji Renji, Awya, and Vampibots! So does for Ryan and Inayah for giving me insightful writing about their personal life, cheers! 
1.  Jagoan Movie
2.  Raditherapy
3.  Tukang review
4.  Ajirenji
5.  Movieaddict
6.  Vampibots
7.  Awya Ngobrol
8.  Movievora
9.  AmirattheMovies
10. RyanFile
11. Inayah Agustin

The Liebster Award
The Rule

  • Answer the 11 Q’s asked by the blogger who tagging you, you’ll know you got nomination and need to answer his/her 11 Q’s at his/her blog since I’m not so creative, you could use 11 Q’s from Karamel Kinema or from Me on the Movie and don’t forget to put the Liebster award logo at your post/blog
  • Make list that consist of 11 random facts about yourself so I’ll know you better, hehehe
  • Nominate 11 of your blogger friends for the award and give them 11 Q’s from you, so you’ll know him/her better
  • Notify the blogger that they got tagging for The Liebster Award

The Sunshine Award
The Rule

  • Answer the 10 Q’s asked by the blogger who tagging you, you’ll know you got nomination and need to answer his/her 10 Q’s at his/her blog, include the Sunshine award logo at your post/blog
  • Nominate 10 of your blogger friends for the award and give them 10 Q’s from you (or just use the previous Q’s from the previous blogger just like me since well, already wrote that I’m not creative in making Q’s)
  • Notify the blogger that they got tagging for The Sunshine Award

Hope all of you enjoy the award(s), sssstttt, I’m tagging you because I ♥ all of you and wanna know you better, hope you don’t mind! Happy Eid Mubarak, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin, happy holiday!


7 thoughts on “I Got The Liebster and Sunshine Award(s), yay!

  1. My God~ entah waktu itu gw lagi rambling kepikiran ke mana-mana kali ya, maksudnya itu James Cameron bukan David Cameron ahahahaha (kalo David Cameron mah PM Inggris~)
    I also started to collect tickets, but don’t have a lot since I begin moviegoing not a long time ago. Waduh enak ya kalo ada yang sering donlot2 film lalu tinggal ngopi-ngopi aja haha,

    • Hi! Thankyou for visiting
      You should taste the dinosaur milo and it should be at Oey, not another kopitiam
      Yeah, Blitz GI is the best, maybe we could watch together, someday? 😀

  2. just got back from my lebaran hiatus! how are you?
    Yay for finally posting the awards!!
    OMG the import film embargo was such a nightmare. I did not went to singapore for movies on weekends, totally jealous when my friend went for HP7 though.. But i couldnt afford it >_<
    Thank god its all over now!
    Mmm~ maybe some of us should have some movie day together ya 😀 it would be kinda fun!

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